PLANTRONICS CS55 Wireless Headset

MSRP $299.95

Receive one brand new PLANTRONICS CS55 Wireless Headset absolutely free with the purchase of a new Iwatsu Business Telephone System from Texas Telesystems.

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omega voice

A flexible messaging system for small to medium businesses, Omega-Voice VMI simplifies daily call processing and message management. Because it's available in multiple capacities of flash-based memory, you have the flexibility of choosing the most practical messaging solution for your specific needs. Omega-Voice VMI expands from 4 to 8* ports, making it easy to expand the system capacity based on need

Your business can more efficiently route calls and improve customer service by processing incoming calls with an automated attendant. It enables you to customize automated company greetings, menus and directories that help route callers to the proper extensions. This means less time and resources dedicated to handling routine calls and more time for your daily priorities.

Specific greetings and call routing can also be customized based on number dialed, caller ID, call type, time of day and more. And for quick updates, offsite users can remotely record and change automated attendant and personal mailbox greetings from anywhere offsite.

Voice mail management is simple with several customizable mailbox features, including five personal message folders.

  • New - All new messages are automatically stored here until removed by the user.
  • Saved - Messages can be saved here for a programmed amount of time.
  • Archived - Messages can be saved indefinitely.
  • Receipt - Messages receipts saved here include the date and time the message was played by the recipient.
  • Discarded - Deleted messages are stored here for up to 24 hours

The VMI Gateway Service converts an email inbox into a centralized message library. Incoming voicemail messages are automatically converted into .wav files and then forwarded to one or more email accounts.

Messages can also be forwarded to Short Messaging Service (SMS) devices and accessed on the go. By allowing users access to their voicemails from an email inbox, VMI Gateway Services provides a low cost alternative to fully synchronized unified messaging platforms.

* Deleting voicemails from an email inbox does not move them from the VMI system.

With message broadcasting, you can send voice messages to multiple mailboxes simultaneously. Whether it be a message you received, a special announcement or conversation you recorded to voice mail, you can spread the word more efficiently. Messages can be sent to all mailboxes or to select mailboxes in nine different custom distribution lists.

To ensure you don't miss important messages, voice message notifications can be sent to your office extension, outside number or pager. These notifications can be customized to include your mailbox number, the new message count and caller ID. Five different "cascading" schedules can be programmed to notify you sequentially at different destinations to be sure you are contacted.

Message notifications may also be customized and sent based on certain criteria:
  • For all calls, outside calls only or internal calls only.
  • For all voice messages or urgent messages only.
  • Immediately, at an exact time of day or after a set duration of time.

The Omega-Voice VMI system uses embedded technology that automatically detects fax tones and routes those calls to the appropriate fax machine. The system also detects Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) calls and route them to a TDD device.

Capture important details and record phone conversations and conference calls right to your voice mailbox. Not only can you be sure you'll have an accurate record of a call, you can focus on the business at hand and leave the note taking to your mailbox. Recorded phone calls are conveniently archived and accessible for future reference and can also be forwarded to other mailboxes.

omega voice
* VMI Gateway Service, fax tone detection and TDD are only supported on the IX-4EVMC.