PLANTRONICS CS55 Wireless Headset

MSRP $299.95

Receive one brand new PLANTRONICS CS55 Wireless Headset absolutely free with the purchase of a new Iwatsu Business Telephone System from Texas Telesystems.

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SIP PBX Telephone System

The tradition continues with IProphet SIP PBX solutions

From one of the world leaders in Voice Mail solutions comes the Fully-Featured, High End SIP PBX solution, iProphet.

Texas Telesystems, known for always providing outstanding, high-quality and reliable telecommunications equipment, is now offering to our customers a fully-featured, Low Cost, Full Blown SIP PBX system.

You can have power and features in your telephone system like never before. SIP PBX's are the natural progression in telecom. Just as the recording industry has evolved from 8-track tapes to downloading digital formats, the telecom industry has made huge progress as well.

And best of all…....the prices came down!

Most companies can cost justify the purchase of a new SIP PBX by their savings each moth for dial-tone alone. Many of the companies that have recently purchased a new SIP PBX system are enjoying a saving of between 50% to 70% on their monthly phone bills.

In fact, companies that are currently using a digital PBX system, and are still paying on a lease, can easily justify the costs to upgrade to a SIP PBX because of the substantial monthly cost savings from utilizing SIP Trunks.

And the cost savings is just the tip of the iceberg. Efficiency and increased employee productivity is also a bonus realized when using the features included in the iProphet SIP PBX.

Check out just a few of these features.
  • Multi-Tenant — Have more than one company and need to process calls differently? IProphet is your answer.
  • SIP Trunks — Lower your current phone bills by as much as 70%!
  • Unlimited Stations — Why pay for expensive add-on cards from PBX manufacturers when you have unlimited station expansion capabilities with IProphet.
  • Built-In Unified Messaging — Voice Mail to Email.
  • Non-Blocking Voice Mail — No more port limitations or costly add-on costs.
  • Call Recording — Record all calls no matter how many phones you have without having to purchase expensive external call logging equipment.
  • Find-Me Follow-Me — Let IProphet track you down by ringing up to five phones simultaneously. Never miss that important call!
  • User Web Portal — Control your phone and messages via any Internet connection.

  • iProphet
  • and much, much more…….
  • Please contact a Texas Telesystems representative today to discuss your specific applications, answer all of your questions and find out how the iProphet SIP PBX system will assist your company in becoming more efficient and save you money each and every month.