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Unified Communications by Iwatsu

Unified Communications improves your business response time by providing universal access to live communications and messaging from anywhere at any time - literally extending the reach of your communications system.

enterprise tolTime is Money, Unified Communications Saves Time -- Unified Communications (UC) helps businesses, small and large, to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Human delays are minimized—or eliminated—resulting in efficient interaction and service-delivery for the customer and cost savings and productivity gains for the business.

Unified communications also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between co-workers, clients and suppliers—even if they are not physically on the same site.

By definition, Unified Communications is the seamless blending of the four core components of business communications: live communications, messaging, contact management and call control. The application of Unified Communications will improve the overall response time of your business by promoting efficiency throughout your company.

With today's business world moving faster than ever before, the need to access your messages using the most convenient device available is moving from a nicety to a necessity.

Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Messaging, delivers voicemail and fax messages into your email inbox. This means you can access your messages using a PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world
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Iwatsu Enterprise TOL UC Messaging Features
  • Use one inbox for all messages including email, voicemail and fax.
  • Standards-based UC enables message synchronization across multiple message services.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail webmail service by Google, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and more.
  • Respond to and forward messages using your voice.
  • Manage inbound and outbound faxes – even create faxback information requests – all from your PC.
  • Access all messages (voice, email and fax) from your smartphone – Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Nokia device.
UC Call Control
The Enterprise Suite UC platform increases user productivity by allowing them to control calls ringing to their business extension. The UC Client Manager is an application that resides on the user’s PC desktop that displays details of incoming calls to their extension, allowing them to answer, redirect and return missed telephone calls.

UC Call Control Benefits Incoming Calls
  • Choose to answer more calls, have fewer voice mail messages
  • Direct calls to one or more of your locations. For example, business phone, cell phone, PC phone.
  • Program incoming calls to ring at one or more of your pre-defined locations
  • Choose which calls ring your phone or go directly to voicemail based on caller ID information, time of day or location
  • From the PC or mobile device, instantly reroute a ringing call to any of your pre-defined locations, another extension, or voice mailbox.
UC Call Control Benefits Outgoing Calls
  • From your PC, initiate a call from a contact list or other application and choose the device that places the call: cell phone, desk phone, soft phone.
  • Be informed of the status of each employee prior to calling
  • Right clicking on the employee name gives the user options to contact them including; calling their extension or cell phone, or sending them a chat or text message.
  • SMART TAG - Right click on a phone number in any Microsoft Windows application or browser to dial it directly.
Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC Instant Messaging
The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite's UC application also includes an instant messaging (IM) application. IM provides businesses real value because they allow instant communication between employees at a very low cost. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC Instant Messaging provide significant benefits:
  • Resides behind the corporate firewall and is available only to UC users
  • Integrated with the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC application
  • Integrates with SMS to deliver instant messages to the mobile phone
  • Improves customer service by allowing team leads and supervisors the ability to "coach on the screen"
enterprise tolSpeech Processing
The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite employs the most advanced Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) applications available. Until very recently this technology was only available to the very largest companies.
  • Internal dial by speech: The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite employs Automatic Speech Recognition to create a unique “voice activated” employee directory that is accessible to customers and staff.
  • Listen to emails over the phone: The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Text-to-Speech feature allows users to listen to their email messages from anywhere inside or outside the office.
  • Read voice messages: The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Speech-to-Text feature transcribes and allows users to read their voice messages.
  • External dial by speech: External callers can easily route themselves to the desired party by simply saying their name.

Automatic Speech Recognition
As part of its core platform, the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC delivers optimum communication access with fully deployed and purposeful application engines. Automatic Speech Recognition or ASR benefits both outside callers and internal users alike. Internal users may use ASR to access their Personal Information Management (PIM) such as their Outlook contacts using their voice. Rather than maintain an internal corporate directory, users simply access the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite and speak the name of the extension, e.g., “Eric Walsh.” The call is then placed.

Text-to-Speech provides for email messages to be read to the user when they are accessing the message server from a telephone. After review of the email message via Text-to-Speech the user may record a voice reply which will be forwarded to the email address of the original sender in a .WAV file format. This is a great way to reply to critical messages while at the airport waiting to board your flight.

Speech-to-Text is used by Enterprise Suite to transcribe voice messages to text. The benefits of Speech-to-Text are numerous with transcription functionality at the top of the list. Users can record critical conversations and then have a printable copy confirming the conversation. Medical and legal staff can use the UC platform to dictate messages and/or notes and have it immediately transcribed and delivered to their email box within seconds.

Throughout the workday, the mobile workforce uses many different comunication devices, all of which must have complete access to core business communication applications. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC platform meets this challenge by enabling messaging and presence management for any device, including the traditional business telephone or a mobile phone.

Extend the reach of mobile employees by delivering their messages anywhere with wireless access
  • Use a single telephone number that all business associates dial to reach you Automatically re-direct callers that dialed your office number to your cell phone
  • Change presence or availability status from outside the office
  • Respond to messages from any device or location
  • Mobile users can easily retrieve all message formats from their cell phones
  • Voice messages may be played and forwarded to individual contacts in a contact list
  • Email messages can be listened to using Text-to-Speech technology; the user may record a voice reply which will be forwarded to the email address of the original sender in a .WAV file format
  • Fax messages are delivered directly to your inbox and can be viewed on a mobile or PDA device or printed

Iwatsu Enterprise Suite Turns Your Cell Phone Into Your Office Phone and PC
Web enable telephones such as the Pocket PC device deliver UC in a richer content. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC provides a mobile version of the Client Manager allowing them to receive notification of calls ringing at their business extension, set their presence and view the system directory.

  • Telephone calls may be initiated remotely through the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite communication system from the user’s contact list.
  • Calls may be routed to the user'smobile phone or any other telephone anywhere in the world.
  • Access call control features from UC Mobile Call Manager application.

The mobile workforce requires real-time, approachable presence management. Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC delivers presence based communication call routing using scheduling and filtering technology. In an important meeting? The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite knows and automatically instructs the caller to leave a message without ever ringing your phone. And because presence availability is tied to your calendar, it is intuitively managed by the application

  • User can program their presence and availability based on location (e.g., away on business, in a meeting) from any device
  • Exceptions allow only the most important calls to reach you
  • Presence and location fully integrated with calendar program such as Microsoft® Outlook® to automatically change user availability status based on calendar entry
  • Colleagues and customers are informed of each user’s availability and location status

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – An optional component of the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC is a customizable Interactive Voice Response system.

  • Allow callers to quickly receive up-to-date account or order status information over the phone
  • Provide option to speak directly with an employee
  • When callers choose to speak with an employee, screen pops deliver relevant caller information with the call. The employee is quickly informed and prepared to professionally address the customer and handle their needs

Improve Call Center Productivity
Maximizing the productivity of a businesses’ call center is paramount to cost control and improved customer relations. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite’s UC platform provides the ability to integrate with most back office software applications and enables the agent to receive a screen-pop of customer-relevant information. The agent is quickly informed and prepared to professionally address the customer and handle their needs.

The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite's UC platform uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to gather information from the caller. Using the caller information, the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite provides an interface for development of custom scripts that query the business's database or obtain browser-based information to provide feedback to the customer or information to the agent when they receive the call.